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Audio Demo   Interactive Summary on Half Duplex vs Full Duplex, Echo Cancellation, Mic Activation, Noise Cancellation, Room Design and Mic Placement
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CONVERGE Pro 2   CONVERGE Pro 2 Next-Gen AudioConferencing Platform Redefines Professional Audio Again!

CONVERGE Pro 2's next-gen platform delivers stunningly clear audio thanks to the world's most advanced audio signal processing. Scalable, reliable, and competitively priced, CONVERGE Pro 2 outperforms in any size room, any audio environment, any application.
CONVERGE Pro 2   Video - Touch Panel Controller
Beamforming 2   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTQcuWs1Q4k
Beamforming Mic Array   White Paper
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Beamforming Mic Array   Video
Beamforming Mic Array   Video Demo
Beamforming Mic Array   Public Presentation
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Ceiling Microphones   Presentation - Volume, Clarity Audio Demo (Real world recording)
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Converge Pro   Benefits Analysis
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Interact   Presentation > Introduction to the Interact AT Skype
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CHAT Series   Presentation > CHAT USB Headsets
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Resource Library   Manuals, Tech Notes, White Papers, CAD Drawings and more!
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